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Rosé wine at Lepa Vida is made 100% from red grapes!

The major difference between red wine making and white wine making is in the duration of the skin contact. In modern white wine making there is no skin contact or a very short period of it, usually at low temperature. On the other hand, prolonged skin contact is the only way to give red wines their deep red colour.

Rosé winemaking is in some respects closer to white wine making. To get a gentle pink colour, the winemaker has to avoid prolonged skin contact or, like with white wine making, press the grapes without any skin contact at all. This way the colour extracted from black-skinned grapes will range from pale salmon nuances to almost purple.

At Lepa Vida the major part of Rosé is made of quickly pressed cabernet sauvignon grapes and smaller parts of barbera and merlot, both pressed after short (8-10 hours) skin contact. The fermentation and maturation of the wine is done in stainless steel tanks.