Lepa Vida international (18 bottles)

Lepa Vida international (18 bottles)

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What you know is what you drink!

International wine varieties are already a part of our taste. And sometimes, you just want to have a glass of wine and a nice chat, without "complicating" the choice of wine. Telling your story about your visit to Slovenia and drinking a glass of wine from Lepa Vida is exactly that "no-complications" moment. Enjoy!

Rosé - made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Barbera. Rosé wines have grown in popularity is over recent years. At Lepa Vida we love it when it stops with a few grams of residual sugars as the nice, sweet aftertaste pairs great with salty and fatty prosciutto. (especially with 2+ years dried prosciutto from Vipava valley)

Sivi Pinot - Pinot Grigio - You know you love it. It's one of top 3 World's most popular dry white wines. And it also home has its home in Vipava valley. Not large in numbers (like our neighbouring region - Friuli), but more in quality and mouthfeel. Absolutely a wine to drink in Karst region.

Sauvignon - Sauvignon Blanc - international aromatic variety, also popular in Slovenia, showing its Vipava valley character. Unlike New Zealand, Vipava valley is a warmer region, so the Sauvignon Blancs from the Vipava valley tend to be more fruity and less "green" on the nose. But remain fresh and easy to drink.

In the case you receive:
- 18 bottles; 3 varieties (6 bottles of each variety)

* All our wines are shipped in special card boxes, designed especially for wine logistics.