Enjoy Vipava (12 bottles)

Enjoy Vipava (12 bottles)

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Tasting case of 6 white wines from Lepa Vida boutique winery, designed to show you the wide variety of styles and wines from the unique Vipava valley. Enjoy!

Zelen - an indigenous variety from Vipava valley, known for its character being surprisingly "green" and spicy (Zelen means "green" in Slovenian). Very local, very special.

Sauvignon - Sauvignon Blanc, international aromatic variety, also popular in Slovenia, showing its Vipava valley character. We put it here so that you can compare Vipava valley wines with what you know.

Mi - our family cuveé - Malvasia Istriana and Sauvignon Blanc. Two favourite wines of Matija (M) and Irena (I). "Mi" means "us" or "we" in Slovenian.

Malvazija - Malvasia Istriana is a regional variety, coming from the family of Malvasia wines.

oOo - Out of Office - presents traditional winemaking methods, nowadays popularly called orange, jantar or amber wines.

Vi - our compliment to France - "Vi" in Slovenian language means "You" and although it is plural it is used in singular form to show respect to the person you talk to. This is 100% chardonnay, fermented in new French barrels. Like the Sauvignon, we have put it in the case for you to compare the potential of Vipava valley with what you know.

In the case you receive:
- 12 bottles;  2 bottles of each wine

* All our wines are shipped in special card boxes, designed especially for wine logistics.