We are LEPA VIDA boutique winery.

Roman, Vilma, Irena, Matija, Iza, Vito; three generations combining our work ethics with our craftsmanship and years of experience in the vineyards, in the cellar, at home and in each bottle of our great wines.

Growing 32,000 vines on 8 hectares of land spread across 6 different locations. With lots of care and hard work the vines give us grapes for 9 different wines producing up to 30,000 bottles per year.

We are Lepa Vida. Boutique winery from Vipava valley, Slovenia.


The beginnings. 
The end of the 1980's was an important era of change in former Yugoslavia. Among the changes there was also one that was, at that time, the most important turning point for the history of winemaking in Slovenia. In 1988, the first vinegrowers, who used to be regular and loyal suppliers of grapes for the state-owned cooperative, got permission to start producing and selling wine under their own brand. This was the beginning of family estates in Slovenia. And among them was also Roman Ipavec, father of Irena (current owner), who saw a lifetime opportunity in starting his own line of wines.


Lepa Vida 
The following year, in 1989, renowned Slovenian industrial designer, Oskar Kogoj, designed a series of bottles for Slovenian winemakers. Each of them connected in a certain way with Slovenian historical milestones. The Lepa Vida bottle, shaped in a form of a female body, was designed as a compliment to a group of ladies, called Aleksandrinke. Between the 1850s to the 1930s, Aleksandrinke, brave young women, who, just after they gave birth to a child in Slovenia (at that time Austro-Hungarian empire or later Italy), decided to go to serve as wet nurses and later as babysitters to rich families in Egypt. Many of them found their job in the town of Alexandria, hence Aleksandrinke (translated from Slovenian this would mean: girls from Alexandria). Their decision was based on a simple goal - to help their families in Slovenia to survive by sending them hard earned money from Egypt.

Oskar Kogoj gave the exclusive use of the Lepa Vida bottle to the Ipavec family. And this was actually the beginning of the name: Lepa Vida winery.

Lepa = "beautiful"
Vida = slovenian female name
Lepa Vida = a beautiful girl named Vida


Fast forward to 2012
From 1988, the Lepa Vida winery was run and managed by Roman and Vilma, the first generation. Although Irena was included in daily operations from a young age it was not until 2012 that Irena, together with her husband Matija, took over the management of the Lepa Vida winery.

Nevertheless, Roman and Vilma continue to stay firmly involved in daily operations, especially in the vineyards. Their love of hard-work, taking care of the vineyards and enjoying how each year the vines rewards you with grapes is something that gets under your skin. So when you visit, you most probably will see them somewhere around the vines, making sure everything is in place.


Lepa Vida boutique winery - a must visit when in Slovenia 
Since 2012, Irena and Matija slowly fine tuned the focus of the Lepa Vida boutique winery from being an "ordinary" winery towards becoming more and more focused on incoming visitors from all around the World. Nowadays, wine tastings at the Lepa Vida winery are unique experiences, where Irena and Matija (yes, one of them is always leading the wine tasting experience) passionately share the Vipava valley and facts about it with you, their philosophy in vinegrowing and winemaking and of course pour you 5 (or more :) wine samples accompanied with delicious homemade snacks and delicacies.

Lepa Vida is absolutely a must for all winelovers when visiting Slovenia!