oOo - Out Of Office - orange wine

oOo - Out Of Office - orange wine

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oOo = out of office = complex white wine made with prolonged skin contact

“I would like to make one wine the way my parents did it when I was a kid,” Roman said in 2011. And so we did it.

Prolonged skin contact is the technology that is used in red wine making, where the winemaker wants to extract the colour, tannins, mannoproteins and other things that exist in grape skins. When used on white grapes this technology gives impressive results in depth of colour, wine body and persistence.

White wines made with prolonged skin contact were the “normal” wines a few decades ago. Mostly due to lack of technology in oenology. Nowadays this is a new, developing trend that started in Collio (Italy, on the border with Slovenia) and slowly built up an impressive amount of fans all around the World.

Lepa Vida oOo is made of 90% malvasia and 10% rebula (ribolla gialla (it.)), coming from a single vineyard, picked and fermented together.

oOo is our compliment to tradition and knowledge of our forefathers.
You can call it orange wine or jantar wine or any other name. For us it is just oOo.